Emerging Markets

Applying technology and digital transformation to all aspects of the economy


With a growing population of 1.2 billion people in the African continent, Africans are looking to soon be a part of one of the largest economies in the world.

An average of $2 billion worth of trade goods are distributed annually across local communities surrounding the project site/campus, with the potential for massive​ growth through globally-positioned technology infrastructures.

Africa will become a major AI / data hub for a variety of innovative applications across industries such as healthcare, fintech, energy, industrial, telecoms/5G, local trade and more​.

This will create new opportunities for new businesses, jobs and socio-economic development.​

Digital Transformation for all Aspects of the Economy​ ​ ​

Just as technology became ubiquitous decades ago, AI will transform every aspect of our society. At Flapmax, we are creating improved and sustainable solutions for things we already do. We are enabling our advanced AI and analytics platform in novel ways, for emerging markets, in targeted industries like healthcare, education, agriculture, government and much more.​

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Flapmax Africa​ ​ ​​

We are committed to helping organizations and individuals experience the impactful power of Flapmax technology. That is why we are developing AI supported programs in Africa, starting with areas like healthcare and life sciences.​

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