Creating a more sustainable and equitable future with you.
Vast Ecosystem of Solutions

Improving computational efficiency of AI on large scales.

Increasing sustainability, decreasing emissions and waste.

Enhancing AI in healthcare
to improve patient outcomes.

Optimizing economies by fostering growth in our communities.

Leverage our analytics platform to help boost AI performance

Working with organizations like AMD and Intel, we’ve developed an easy-to-use platform for benchmarking machine learning models and hardware performance – all at the same time.

Join our work on climate change

By fostering partnerships with organizations like the Digital Twin Consortium, we are well on our way to transforming the way data centers work from the inside out.

Use our AI Healthcare platform to upgrade your health center

Our engineers and researchers are collaborating in order to bring you a platform that takes cutting edge AI technology and puts it directly into your local healthcare facilities.

Let’s work together to train the next generation‚Äč
The economy has changed rapidly over even the last decade – and the way in which we find talent needs to change, too. Flapmax partners with various institutions worldwide to bring out the best in the workforce.
Partners have the power to propel socioeconomic change in a digital world.

Partnering with Flapmax means you will have access to a strong team of engineers and researchers, who all share a vision for the future of tech and the future of our planet.