Resource Library

Collection of resources and content on sustainability at Flapmax.

Accelerating the 4th Industrial Revolution with Digital Twins

We are partnering with Digital Twins Consortium to advance tech.

Towards Sustainable Energy-Efficient Data Centers in Africa

Together, we can improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Partnering in Africa

Flapmax Project Initiatives in Africa.

Coral Framework

A Unified Computing Framework for Accelerated Drug Discovery and Research.


Benchmarking Tool for AI Model Performance.

Digital Transformation

AI Solution and APIs for Ecosystem Partners and ISVs.

G&H Pharmacy Platform

HIPPA-Compliant Covid-19 Vaccination Platform.

Coral Imaging

5G Connectivity for Underserved Communities.


Framework for Multi-Institutional Federated Learning.


Platform for Biomedical Data Mining.


Accessible AI Infrastructure for Inclusive EHR.