Workforce Development

We are committed to working with both local and regional stakeholders
to empower people and communities, enhance local trade, and help build sustainable businesses.


Flapmax is committed to creating improved and sustainable solutions for people and communities in developing nations. Through multi-institutional collaborations, experiential learning, and applied AI program opportunities, we strive to support emerging markets in key social impact missions. ​

Enhancing local trade
Local trade is the backbone of developing countries. To expand this trade to a much larger scale globally, we must advance and adapt to the ever-changing labor markets and local trade best practices by continuously improving training programs and talent search mechanisms that would ultimately lead to increased economic growth opportunities, while creating new types of businesses, news jobs, and improving socioeconomic well being.​
Empowering people and communities ​

Different cultural backgrounds influence the different understanding of a problem statement as well as different applicable solutions to the same. Working with unconventional talent (i.e., people without a formal educational qualification) can also bring in new perspectives while addressing the problem of unemployment. To fully achieve this diversity and inclusion agenda, we must empower the underprivilege and underserved communities through both traditional and experiential learning. ​​

Building sustainable businesses

Building a sustainable business involves matching the long-term vision of the business with the right technical skills, business know-how, among others. This process can be optimized by providing tutelage and inclusion in critical profile building projects in different fields where technology is a big driver of the business operations. This will enable the business to scale more easily, increasing the chances for expansion beyond local borders. ​


Our mission at Flapmax is to enrich the lives of everyone on the planet. People and businesses can rely on technology from Flapmax for every aspect of the technology spectrum, from education and healthcare to industrial and agriculture. A big part of this mission involves empowering the local workforce with skills that are on par with latest advancements in science, technology and business. ​​ ​


We believe the economic growth of a country lies in the skill level of her people, which is why are constantly incorporating methodologies to evaluate skills and talents specific to a job description. We have designed several programs with integrated working and learning experiences designed by Flapmax AI engineers. Our programs aims to expand the employable pool ensuring that the best persons that can complete a task effectively and efficiently are employed regardless of their academic qualification.


Flapmax is dedicated to Africa as a hub for innovation. We are rapidly building our collaboration pipeline by developing AI supported programs in Africa, and we are collaborating with both regional and international universities to establish long-term partnerships. This will foster a sustainable workforce and provide equitable training and upskilling opportunities inclusive of underrepresented talent and underserved communities.​​

Flapmax University Alliance​

We collaborate with universities worldwide to bring sustainability related programs into teaching curricula. Learn more here.

Emerging Markets

Learn more about our work in emerging markets and developing nations.​

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